Resort town of Marianske Lazne is one of the best known and most popular resorts in the Czech Republic. It is located in the picturesque valley full of magnificent parks and surrounded by forest hills, at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level. Although the healing springs were discovered in the XIII century, the resort was established here only at the beginning of the XIX century.

The fame of Marianske Lazne stems from the mineral healing springs. There are about 4o of them within town proper and more that a hundred in the greater Marianske Lazne area. All the local springs are classified as cold (7-10 degrees Celsius) acid-bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-sulfur-sodium mineral waters. The fact that these different in composition springs rise to the surface in such a small area is a unique phenomenon in the world of balneology. This allows to cure various diseases only by means of drinking water – which is quite rare among resorts. However the minimal time required for this is around 2 weeks of daily mineral water intake with the optimal time being 3-4 weeks.

Since the beginning of the 19th century the town of Marianske Lazne has been a very popular resort. At various times it was visited by such prominent figures as Goethe, Gogol, Chopin, Straus, Kafka, Goncharov, Nobel, Gorky, Edison. The English King Edward VII visited the resort nine times.

Today Marianske Lazne is a town with an active cultural, social and sporting scene.

During your stay in Marianske Lazne you can:

  • visit the swimming pool with sauna and hot tubs;
  • visit gyms and indoor/outdoor tennis courts;
  • skate at the indoor ice stadium (skates rental is available);
  • attend concerts, visit local museums;
  • take a train go to the neighboring spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Frantiskovy Lazne;
  • visit medieval towns of Loket, Cheb, Pilzen, the Tepla monastery;
  • go skiing in the wintertime (both cross-country and alpine);
  • play golf at the oldest golf course in the Czech Republic located nearby;
  • and, of course, take spa treatments and drink mineral water from the famous springs!